NFL Top 50: Trio of Hall of Fame running backs – Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell

NFL Top 50: Trio of Hall of Fame running backs – Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell
Linebacker/center, Philadelphia Eagles, 1949-62. Playing both ways, he missed only three games in … At time of retirement, he had played in 296 games, more than any positional player in NFL history until Brett Favre. Never missed a game because of …
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Cumberland County rap artist releases first-ever album dedicated exclusively
For the last 15 years, alongside his landscaping business, Anthony Barnes was busy creating something that had never been done before involving the Philadelphia Eagles. And, earlier this month, Barnes' rap album “All Things Philly: Football Edition …
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Rookie Receivers Emerge in a Class of Their Own
The two have been the best rookie wideouts in one of the best classes in N.F.L. history. Facing the Seattle Seahawks' star-powered secondary, Benjamin gained 94 … Roundup: Rookie's Late Touchdown Sends Cardinals Past Eagles OCT. 26, 2014 · Ben …
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This Week In Baltimore Football History: Oct. 27-Nov. 2
1983 — The Colts, an 0-8-1 team the previous year, raised their record to 5-4 with a 22-21 win against the Philadelphia Eagles at Veterans Stadium. Kicker Raul Allegre tied a club single-game record with five field goals. 1998 — The Jacksonville …
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Latest Benjamin Franklin News

Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia
benjamin franklin

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The Benjamin Franklin Bridge (also known as the Ben Franklin Bridge), originally named the Delaware River Bridge, is a suspension bridge across the Delaware River connecting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey. Named for American statesman Benjamin Franklin, the bridge is owned and operated by the Delaware River Port Authority. The chief engineer was Polish-born Ralph Modjeski, its design engineer was Leon Moisseiff, and the supervising architect was Paul Philippe Cret. At its completion on July 1, 1926, its 533-metre span made it the world’s longest suspension bridge span, a distinction it would hold until the opening of the Ambassador Bridge in 1929.

The bridge currently carries highways I-676 and US 30, the latter since its opening or very soon thereafter. The bridge also carries the Port Authority Transit Corporation’s Lindenwold High-Speed Line (PATCO Speedline) via connecting tunnels on both sides of the bridge.

Rumors of threat to 2 Franklin County schools prompt police response
… to officers from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, the Rocky Mount Police Department and the Virginia State Police being stationed at Franklin County High School and Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Rocky Mount as a precaution, said Franklin …
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Mankato initiative transforms special education
The day's lesson, titled "Ben has good ideas," focused on Benjamin Franklin and his scientific discoveries and inventions. Accessed via the app Educreations, the curriculum conforms to Mankato Public Schools' seventh-grade standards but simplifies …
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Benjamin Franklin Biyografisi
ABD'nin kurucularından olan yayıncı, bilim adamı, mucit, siyasetçi, diplomat gibi birçok kimliği bulunan Benjamin Franklin'in biyografisi, İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları Dünyaya Yön Verenler Dizisi'nde yerini aldı. Paratoneri, bifokal gözlük camını, temiz …
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History of Marbella

Ancient times

The area surrounding the town of Marbella has been populated for millennia, and local artefacts and evidence of human existence has been salvaged from the surrounding mountain range in support of this. Early settlers include earliest man, whose legacy has been left on the mountains and in caves in the area. Like many towns in the area, the Romans too left their mark, and you can still view some of their splendid influences on the town in the Roman Baths as well as within the street layout in the older part of town.

The Romans gave way to a brief period of Visigoth occupation, followed by the long drawn out Arab occupation of the area. The Moors documented their time in the vicinity of Marbella well, and they began to fortify the town, building a protective fort complete with surrounding waters, the walls of which can still be seen today. Other examples of Moorish architecture can be seen in the city walls and the streets of the old town. After the reconquista in the 15th century and beyond, the area began to give way to the architecture of the Christians, and much of the existing Arab town was dismantled and redesigned.


Marbella was at the time famous as a centre for farming and breeding animals, as well as the production of wine. The town also became important during the increasing commercialisation of the area, becoming an important centre of trade and manufacturing, as well as developing some important mines.

Present time

From its small population during that time, the municipality has grown to over one hundred thousand people, and the population swells in the summer months thanks to the tourism industry which remains important to the area’s economy. Coupled with the vast growth in tourism in the past few decades, the town grew to become a great area for leisure. There is a well developed network of leisure facilities, golf clubs, 5 star hotels and entertainment facilities.

The municipality takes great pride in the area and in its reputation as a pleasure spot on the coast, which continues to attract the rich and famous from Spain and internationally. The town and its local ports are known worldwide for their luxurious hotels, restaurants and brilliant nightlife, and of course the port of Banus remains well known for its luxury yachts and extravagant lifestyle. There are also international chains of shops and high end boutiques in which you can part with some of your money.

Club Villamar offers hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches, rich cultural history and
ferienwohnungen pineda de mar is by far the most popular holiday destination, just visit ferienwohnung spanien and ferienhäuser costa mallorca.

Want to know the history of our beloved Rittenhouse Rye? Check out this video. This tells the entire story of Rittenhouse Rye and how it evolved to be the Ry…

A Look At The History Of The Philadelphia Phillies Tickets

If you would like to talk about a team that has the oldest one-name history in the whole of the professional American game scene, then you will definitely want to talk about the Philadelphia Phillies. And if you are here because you would like to own a ticket that will take you to watch this game, then you should read even more, because of the fact that you will get great information about the team. In this particular article, you are going to receive some information that will help you to understand the Philadelphia Phillies much better so that you can even enjoy the game more.

The Formation

The Philadelphia Phillies was formed in the year 1883 by the help of a wealthy businessman who went by the name of Al Reach, who was also in the business of making sporting goods. The man came together with another person whose name was John Rogers. It is actually as if the formation of the team was by accident since the two were awarded the spot after the collapse of another team that was then known as the Brown Stockings.


After the end of the 19th century, the Philadelphia Phillies got into another phase of growth. Unfortunately, the phase involved negative growth. This was because of the fact that the turn of the 20th century saw the birth of a new league for baseball, and this league was known as the American League. Despite the fact that the American League was still new, it had more money and therefore was able to “poach” some players from Phillies, something that made it extremely difficult for the team to play its opponents. From the year 1919, to the year 1948, the Phillies performed very dismally and were rarely among the top six teams. This was mainly because of the fact that the owner really was not willing to spend money on the team.

As time went buy, the team found more financially stable owners such as William Cox. Cox was actually the person who was willing and able to do his work the way any shareholder would. In fact, It was actually during Cox’s ownership of the team that the sales for the Philadelphia Phillies tickets actually went up.

After a long time under Cox ownership, the team started improving and it is currently one of the top teams in the league. So, if you are still interested in getting the tickets for a successful team, then get yourself the Philadelphia Phillies tickets.

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Brian O'Neill: Mason-Dixon Line subtly marks history
We came in about equal measure from Pennsylvania and West Virginia and most dressed like you or I, but a trio dressed as natives would have 250 years ago. That's when Charles Mason, Jeremiah Dixon and their entourage made a beeline west from the …
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Assisted suicide should be legal
On Oct. 12, Brittany Maynard, 29, who suffers from inoperable terminal brain cancer, announced plans to voluntarily end her life on Nov. 1. Maynard's diagnosis means she will eventually lose all cognitive capabilities. Refusing aggressive chemotherapy …
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Nazareth Area School District settles suit over religious Valentine's Day cards
The Georgia-based Alliance Defending Freedom filed the lawsuit in April on behalf of Donald and Ellen Abramo after school officials removed messages explaining the religious history of Valentine's Day from cards the first-grader, identified in court …
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Jane Goodall's Jungles
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where Bucknell is located, is two to three hours from pretty much anywhere, with no major airports nearby, and yet by 6:45 p.m., when the doors open to enthusiastic yelps, more than 1,200 people will race into the building …
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