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The Philadelphia Eagles is a legendary football team with a glorious history since 1933. It is a professional football team and is a member of the East Division of the National Football Conference which is a part of the National Football League. The Philadelphia Eagles have made two appearances at the Super Bowl and has won the NFL Title thrice. The club was formed by Bert Bell when he brought the Frankford Yellow Jackets franchise and named it Eagles. Some of the players from Philadelphia Eagles have found place in the Hall of Fame. Tommy McDonald, Reggie White, Chuck Bednarik, Bob Brown and Steve Van Buren are some of them.

Philadelphia Eagles started off as a great team. They struggled in the middle to hold on to their form, but after several changes in coaching department, they came back as winners in 1988. After this NFL win, they continue to win the other matches and titles for the next 5 years. From the year 1999 through 2000, the Philadelphia Eagles had a new coach and flourished under his coaching. They won 5 division games and finally reached the Super Bowl in 2000. Philadelphia’s current home ground is the Lincoln Financial Field. The team shifted to this base in 2003.

The home ground of Philadelphia Eagles hosts a number of events when the team is not playing matches. Various live performances take place on the ground. Monster Jam is hosting a perfect entertaining show on 6th of June at the Lincoln Financial Field. The Philadelphia Eagles played their first season in the year 1933. They have been the NFL champions during the years 1948, 1949 and 1960. They have been the NFC champions twice during the years 1980 and 2004. During the years 1947, 1948, 1949 and 1960 they have been the NFL Eastern Conference Champions. The Eagles recorded their first win in a regular season against the Cincinnati Reds with 6-0.

The first winning season of the Eagles was 1943 season. In 1947, they entered their first playoff against Pittsburgh and registered a win with a margin of 21-0 in the NFL divisional playoff. David Akers is considered to be the all time leading scorer for the Philadelphia Eagles. The biggest rival of the Eagles is the Giants. The rivalry started on 5th October 1933 when the Eagles were defeated by the Giants. The Giants won the series entirely. The second famous rivalry is with the Cowboys when Eagles won the first match. This rivalry began on 30th September, 1960.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ color has been white, silver and Kelly green since the beginning. They use helmets whose designs have changed over the decades. The helmets after lot of changes now bear the symbol of eagles as silver wings on Kelly green helmet and white outline. The present uniform is of midnight green color. The logo of the team has been an eagle throughout. The team has celebrated their 75th year and that has been added to their present uniform. The Eagles tickets to their games are available online. Not only just tickets, you can also find the Eagles Game Schedule available with several website making it easier for the fans to keep a track on the latest events.

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Scholars Question Cheney’s Role in 9/11

Duluth, MN (PRWEB) March 13, 2006

A society of experts and scholars contends that the prosecution of Zacarias Moussaoui — for willfully concealing advance knowledge of the events of 9/11 — has the status of a Soviet-style “show trial” and functions as a diversion from the real culprits. The nonpartisan group, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, asserts that the evidence implicating Vice President Dick Cheney of that very offense is more obvious and compelling. If they are even remotely correct, then the alleged terrorists appear to have been cast in the role of “patsies.”

The experts base their conclusion on testimony presented to the 9/11 Commission by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta on May 23, 2003, which was omitted from its final report, and on related events at the Pentagon. Members of the society will present their findings during a press conference to be held at 1 PM on Tuesday at the United States Courthouse in Alexandria, VA, the location of a trial to determine whether Moussaoui, who is called “the 20th hijacker”, should serve a life term or receive the death sentence.

“Mineta’s testimony is devastating,” observed James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., McKnight Professor at the University of Minnesota. Fetzer is the founder and co-chair of the scholars’ society, which recently joined with Judicial Watch in calling for release of documents, films and videos, and physical evidence withheld from the public by the administration. “It pulls the plug on the Commission’s contention there was no advance warning that the Pentagon was going to be hit.”

According to Secretary Mineta’s testimony, which is in the public domain, when he (Mineta) arrived at an underground bunker at the White House (known as the Presidential Emergency Operations Center), the Vice President was in charge. “During the time that the airplane was coming in to the Pentagon”, he stated, “there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, ‘The plane is 50 miles out.’ ‘The plane is 30 miles out.’

“And when it got down to, ‘The plane is 10 miles out,’” Mineta continued, “the young man also said to the Vice President, ‘Do the orders still stand?’ And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said, ‘Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?’” One way to construe these remarks could be that the orders were to shoot down the plane.

The scholars suggest that that is an implausible interpretation. The Pentagon, they observe, may be the most heavily defended building in the world. If the orders had been to “shoot it down,” then no doubt it would have been shot down. Moreover, there would have been no apparent reason for the young man to have expressed concern over whether or not “the orders still stand.” Shooting it down, under the circumstances, would have been the thing to do.

“The only reasonable interpretation of the orders,” Fetzer observed, “is that the incoming aircraft should not be shot down, which would have been an obvious source of anxiety for an aide. Since it contradicts the official story about the Pentagon,” he added, “it had to be suppressed and was not even included in The 9/11 Commission Report.” And other scholars, including Professor David Ray Griffin of Claremont Graduate University, have drawn the same conclusion.

Philip J. Berg, Esq., Former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania and a past candidate for Governor, Lt. Governor, and U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania, who is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, added, “Those who made it happen were obviously in the position to know that it was going to happen and therefore could have sounded a warning alarm. The case against Cheney is more powerful than the case against Moussaoui. No one is more culpable than the perpetrators. If Moussaoui deserves the death penalty, what does our Vice President deserve?”

Berg also represents William Rodriguez, a WTC witness, in a RICO lawsuit against officials in the administration for complicity in the events of 9/11, being U.S. District Court (Philadelphia) Case Number 04CV4952. Other members of the society include Robert Bowman, head of the “Star Wars” program in both Democratic and Republican administrations; Morgan Reynolds, former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor in the Bush administration; Andreas von Buelow, former assistant defense minister of Germany; and Griffin, a noted theologian and author of The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions.

Members of the society point to other indications of advance knowledge, which include volumes of put-options placed by betting that the stock value of United and American Airlines would drop. The SEC has detailed information about those who placed the options, which it has not released to the public. “Time and time again,” Fetzer remarked, “evidence that would expose the official account to be a deception and a hoax intended to manipulate the nation has been concealed.”

According to Fetzer, experts in the society of scholars, including pilots and aeronautical engineers, physicists and mechanical engineers, have established that flying these planes would have been beyond the “hijackers” capabilities, that it would have been virtually impossible for cell phone calls to have been placed during those flights, and that even the Saudi Arabian Embassy has long confirmed that several of the accused “hijackers” did not die on 9/11.

“It does not take rocket science to infer that, if these guys were killed in the crash of these aircraft, then they cannot be alive and well and living in Saudi Arabia,” he remarked, “yet the FBI has not bothered to revise its list of suspects.” Other studies available on the society’s web site at indicate that the passenger manifests for the four flights did not include the names of the hijackers nor were autopsies conducted on them.

“A growing body of evidence supports the inference that these 19 men were patsies for forces within the United States government,” Fetzer concluded. “This trial appears to be yet one more illustration of Karl Rove’s policy of ‘creating our own reality’ to serve the political goals of the administration, even when it comes at the cost of the lives and the security of the American people. The idea that Bush is ‘the security president’ is just a cruel joke!”

Documentary support for the conclusions reported here may be found at the Scholars for 9/11 Truth web site at

For Further Information:

James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.

Founder and Co-Chair

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

(218) 726-7269 (office)

(218) 724-2706 (home)

(218) 726-7119 (fax)

Philip J. Berg, Esq.

706 Ridge Pike

Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

(800) 993-7445 (office)

(610) 834-7659 (fax)

(610) 662-3005 [cell]

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One Death Per Day Due To Medication Errors: Hospitals Seek Improvement By Learning From The Best In Aviation

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) August 28, 2006

The FDA states that there is at least one death per day and 1.3 million people injured each year due to medication errors.

According to a new study published in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, children with leukemia who are treated as outpatients have around a one and five chance of being a victim of a medication error.

Similar to children with leukemia, diabetes patients are also increasingly susceptible of suffering from medical errors.

Poor communication, job stress, lack of training, and poor understanding of the directions for use are all common causes, or contributors to an actual or potential error, says the FDA. The need for providing better patient care is crucial to combat this ever-growing crisis in healthcare.

One innovative approach, known as Crew Resource Management (CRM), has been vital to the improvement of patient safety and care in many leading hospitals. Originally developed to improve safety for commercial airlines, CRM is now making its way to a wide range of healthcare facilities.

“Attempting to ‘just try harder’ isn’t enough anymore,” says Steve Harden, president and co-founder of LifeWings Partners LLC, the experts of aviation-based CRM training. “We equip medical staff with effective communication skills and then implement standardized safety tools to ensure the patient receives proper medication and care.” The LifeWings program develops protocols that require nurses and doctors to check and re-check, guaranteeing the immediate correction of any potential errors.

The Vine Hill Community Clinic (VHCC), located in Nashville, TN, recognized the urgent need to improve care to their diabetes patients, and hired LifeWings to provide CRM training to their facility. The LifeWings’ intervention was a success. The training and safety tools, customized by LifeWings, enabled VHCC’s care staff to work as a team, communicate their actions, and recognize any potential error using standardized checklists.

Cathy Taylor, Assistant Professor & Director of the Disease Management Program at VHCC said, “We standardized the process whereby patients with diabetes receive all examinations and laboratory tests recommended by the American Diabetes Association. This provides complete and up to date information for providers, and enables them to work with patients to make the best

decisions about medications and other therapies.”

In addition, a formal study was conducted after the training and safety tools implementation at VHCC. Over six hundred type 2 diabetes patients were followed over a thirteen-month period. The study concluded that the CRM-based project improved diabetes care processes and overall patient outcomes. The same report revealed that CRM has the potential to produce a long-term cultural change in the organization.

Poor adherence to leukemia and diabetes care protocols carries an increased risk for serious, sometimes life-threatening complications, and could be prevented with good care and behavioral changes.

The Federal Aviation Administration now requires every member of a flight crew on board an aircraft to be trained on CRM safety principles. They must know all of their roles and responsibilities, protocols, and obligation to speak up if they notice a problem. The healthcare community is quickly learning that by adopting many of these same safety techniques, overall patient care can be improved.

About LifeWings Partners LLC

LifeWings Partners LLC was founded by a former U.S. Navy Top Gun instructor, commercial airline pilot, and two physicians who are former NASA astronauts. The firm specializes in applying aviation-based teamwork training and safety tools to help healthcare facilities save patients’ lives and reduce costs. LifeWings has helped over 45 facilities nationwide provide better care to their patients. Measurable results are found in all LifeWings’ initiatives, including one hospital’s “wrong surgery” rate went from 1 in 10,000 to 15,000 cases to 1 in 100,000. The firm also conducts Leadership Development workshops for healthcare executive teams.


Steve Harden, President

LifeWings Partners LLC


9198 Crestwyn Hills Drive

Memphis, TN 38125

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For a brief period in Toronto FC's history there was an idea that BMO Field was a sort of fortress, where the club earned the vast majority of its points. It may have been the turf, but at any rate that idea no longer exists. Even in their best season …
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Human Needs, Dirty Deeds
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West Coast Artist, Laura Ann Jacobs Debuts in Monkdogz 9th International Show Official Opening, Saturday, December 2, 2006, Chelsea New York

NEW YORK (PRWEB) November 28, 2006

“Davenatrix”, a provocative juxtaposition of the taboo subjects of sex and religion, dominance and submission, highlights the new works of West Coast artist Laura Jacobs, in “Foreplay – Art of Stimulation”, at the Monkdogz 9th International exhibition. The exhibition runs November 30 through December 23, 2006.

The official opening of the Monkdogz 9th international exhibition featuring works of artists from around the world, is Saturday, December 2, 3-6pm, at the Monkdogz gallery, 547 W. 27th Street, 5th Floor, Chelsea, New York City. For information on the exhibition telephone (212) 216-0030.

Ms. Jacobs is known for her ornate sculpture pieces, rendering everyday feminine objects – (corsets, bras) – as statements on our everyday lives and the social mores to which we are subjected — “access to excess”. Her present body of work explores the extent to which we let fashion take us, our desire to be desired. They speak to the advancement of feminism countered by society’s pursuit of physical perfection and the surreal circus-like atmosphere of freaky surgery makeovers. Jacobs’ works serves to highlight society’s obsession with the female breast, obscene as it is intoxicating. She explores this starling trend with brassieres to befit, define and hold, sometimes in ridicule.

“Davenatrix”, the centerpiece Ms. Jacobs’ exhibition at the Monkdogz exhibition was inspired by her own Jewish heritage. According to Jacobs, “Facing east, every morning my Grandfather would ceremoniously unwind black leather straps connected to a little box and wrap the straps around his left arm and then his head, where the little black box would eventually lie,” she says. “He would face the east and begin to Daven (pray). This he did every single day of his life: young and poor, middle-aged and comfortable, old and feeble.”

In providing further commentary Jacobs noted, “I would compare the constraints and demands made by a pious and practicing man’s God, to a relationship of dominance and submission. Freedom of choice is practiced in the self-imposed constraints of a belief system that requires total observance and devotion. In such submission is found a personal yet paradoxical sense of grace and empowerment,” said Jacobs from her San Francisco Studio.

Laura Jacobs has been a life-long collector of “pretty things” which still find their way into her artwork. Her foray into feminine objets d’art began with designing real bras in elaborate concoctions for special-wear. “They sold well but customers were reluctant to hide such unique garments in their closets and started hanging them on their walls.” Jacobs commented. “I decided to follow their lead, and make the art less wearable and more sculptural,” she concluded.

Other selections of Jacobs’ works on display in the Monkdogz “Foreplay” exhibition include:

-”Top Drawer Trappings of the Bon Ton” – a corset in colorful plastic, showing how the new ideal of feminine beauty replaces natural assets; modern woman is still man-made;

-”Conch-ous She sell” – a pointy brassiere made of mother of pearl giving gravity-defying flight to the shapes that lie beneath.”

This is Ms Jacobs’ first New York City showing. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, she is extensively schooled in fine arts, including degrees from Alfred University, California College of Arts & Crafts, San Francisco State University, and a year at school in Florence, Italy.

She is represented on the West Coast by the Hart Gallery in Monterey and Palm Desert, California and in Las Vegas by the S2 Art group, presently exhibiting her work in their gallery in the Venetian Hotel.

Ms Jacobs’ work is in the traveling collection of Arthur S. Goldberg and private collections from Palm Beach to Boston, Silicon Valley to Baltimore. She has participated in some 50 invitational and juried shows in the US and Britain since 1985, has had seven solo exhibitions in the US and Italy, and is associated, in addition to the Hart Gallery, with galleries in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills.

Media Contacts:

New York – Roz Joseph | 718-710-5181 | Lorna Harris | 917-825-4959

California – Shellie Karabell | (760)-880-5059


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Wharton Executive Education to Host 80 Executive MBA Students from University of Ghana for Full Day of Business Strategy, Private Equity Investment Learning

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) February 17, 2014

Wharton Executive Education will host the Global Business Strategy: University of Ghana EMBA Day on February 18, 2014 on the University of Pennsylvanias campus. The event will deliver the best thinking around global business strategy to approximately 80 executive MBA students from the University of Ghana.

The program is a joint effort between Wharton Executive Educations Education, Public and Social Sector Practice, the University of Pennsylvania Africa Center and the Joseph H. Lauder Institute (Penn Lauder CIBER). Its part of a broader Penn strategy to strengthen linkages with institutions of higher learning in emerging markets.

This group of visiting students will hear from Wharton and Penn faculty and lecturers about two key areas of interest to Africa business leaders: private equity investment in emerging markets and corporate strategy.

A model of stability in West Africa, Ghana enjoyed an annual growth rate of 14.3 percent in 2011, and is today among the 10th fastest-growing economies in the world. The countrys growth is underpinned by strong private and public investment, with the GDP increasing from 16.4 percent in 2000 to 20.4 percent in 2011, according to data released by the World Bank in October 2013.

Africa is the next frontier in the global economy, notes Wharton Professor Mauro F. Guill

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