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Image from page 245 of “Arctic explorations: the second Grinnell expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, ’54, ’55” (1856)

A few nice philadelphia traffic images I found:

Image from page 245 of “Arctic explorations: the second Grinnell expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, ’54, ’55” (1856)
philadelphia traffic
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: arcticexploratio01kane
Title: Arctic explorations: the second Grinnell expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, ’54, ’55
Year: 1856 (1850s)
Authors: Kane, Elisha Kent, 1820-1857
Subjects: Grinnell Expedition 1853-1855)
Publisher: Philadelphia, Childs & Peterson [etc., etc.]
Contributing Library: University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Text Appearing Before Image:
hATlVE SLEDGE, (KOOMETIK,>—CELLULAR BONE OF WHALE. ments of porous bone, admirably knit together bythongs of hide; the runners, which glistened like bur-nished steel, were of highly-polished ivory, obtainedfrom the tusks of the walrus. The only arms they carried were knives, concealedin their boots; but their lances, which were lashed tothe sledges, were quite a formidable weapon. Thestaff was of the horn of the narwhal, or else of thethigh-bones of the bear, two lashed together, or some-times the mirabilis of the walrus, three or four of them 20G THEIR EQUIPMENT. united. This last was a favorite material also for thecross-bars of their sledges. They had no wood. Asingle rusty hoop from a current-drifted cask mighthave furnished all the knives of the party; but the

Text Appearing After Image:
HOOP-IRON KNIFE, (S E V 1 K ) fleam-shaped tips of their lances were of unmistakablesteel, and were riveted to the tapering bony pointwith no mean skill. I learned afterward that themetal was obtained in traffic from the more southerntribes.

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Image from page 326 of “History of the Corn Exchange Regiment, 118th Pennsylvania Volunteers, from their first engagement at Antietam to Appomattox. To which is added a record of its organization and a complete roster. Fully illustrated with maps, portrai
philadelphia traffic
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: historyofcornexc00unit
Title: History of the Corn Exchange Regiment, 118th Pennsylvania Volunteers, from their first engagement at Antietam to Appomattox. To which is added a record of its organization and a complete roster. Fully illustrated with maps, portraits, and over one hundred illustrations
Year: 1888 (1880s)
Authors: United States. Army. Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, 118th (1862-1865) Smith, John L., b. 1846
Subjects: United States. Army. Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, 118th (1862-1865) United States — History Civil War, 1861-1865 Regimental histories
Publisher: Philadelphia, Pa., J. L. Smith
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ject of the war. Though trulyloyal Adams county Pennsylvanians, they had heard but little,and knew nothing except as the attendant scenes of the latebattle brought them to a realizing sense of its terrors. Smith,in the course of the conversation, pushing and inquisitive, andhaving noticed how the male sex was conspicuously absent,graciously turned to the elderly one of the four and, assumingthat she was the mother of the other three, in a tone of condo-lence remarked, By the way, madam, I assume you are awidow, and with all these cares upon you in these troubloustimes your task is by no means a light one. It was too muchfor them. Hitherto controlled solely by mercenary motives,and forgetful of their loss, in a traffic which yielded such tre-mendous profits, the interrogation revived the remembrance ofa dear and absent father, and, all bursting into tears, they man-aged to stammer out an explanation. When the head of the.•enemys column had appeared in that vicinity a few days before,

Text Appearing After Image:
CoKP. John L. Smith, NEW YORK C LIBRARY, ASTOR, LENOX ANDTILDEN FOUNDATIONS. — 277 — the good man, husband .uid father tliat he was, prompted whollyby a motive to save his goods and chattels from destruction,spoliation and seizure, announced himself as heartily in sym-pathy with the Confederate cause, and ready to serve it in anycapacity for which he might be fitted. Good for you, myman, said the general officer whom he made his confidant,and promptly equipping him with cartridge-box and rifle, heforced him into the ranks, and that was the last the)- had seenor heard of him. They would not be comforted nor cease theirweeping until the appearance of the shekels again consoled theirmisfortune, and the bargain and the interview closed cheerfullywhen the goose was boiled, the bread done, and all the articlespaid for. Whether the old man ever returned, and if so, in whatcondition, was never subsequently ascertained. Smith returned to the camp in the waning of the afternoonand, proud as

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Benjamin Franklin high school teacher Meghan Riordan brings energy, enthusiasm
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Ben Franklin Inventions Responsible For Thinning Out Early Americans


Among Ben Franklin inventions, the kite is sometimes incorrectly attributed to him.

But the first kite was actually built in China as a ceremonial hat prized for its symbolic angularity. Popular as headgear for royalty, it gained increased attention during a 1349 weather event, when thousands of Chinese serfs witnessed a particularly imposing headpiece achieve liftoff with a princess attached. She was discovered years later in the Prefecture of Sichuan, happily enlarged and living out a mostly toothless existence with an extended family of nomads among whom she had descended wearing her special hat. Her incoming flight earned her a promotion to the status of goddess and a free lifetime supply of sour Yak milk.


Ben Franklin’s kite experience was brought on by his confusion over electricity and how it might be used to power refrigerators. One day he got a nice tingle out of a doorknob after walking across the rug and felt experimentation with curious electric doorknobs and their corresponding keys was in order.

Tying the key to the end of a long string, Franklin hired an small learning-challenged boy to hold a doorknob in one hand and its key in the other, while flying a kite in the middle of a thunderstorm. Franklin hoped to store electricity in the boy. When the boy reached full charge, Franklin’s intention was to grab his doorknob for experimental purposes. But, alas, things did not go according to plan.

The first stroke of lightning terminated the boy, a fact left out of later accounts because Franklin had promised six pence for the youngster’s services, and, in Ben’s opinion, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”


Pocketing the now famous key, Franklin kept it in his pants for many years awaiting the founding of the Smithsonian Institute. The damnable pointy object often dug into his leg, which prodded Franklin to invent the metal spike in 1857. Hard-pressed to market his invention, Franklin eventually determined an application for his metal spike. He convinced homeowners to install the spikes upside down on their rooftops, which attracted lightning, resulting in peels of ironic laughter as people watched their houses burn down in torrential rainstorms.

After initial sales success, the lightning rod grew less popular as the population thinned due to the rampant house fires of the late 1700’s. Later, when railroads appeared, workers discovered the rods could be turned the other way around and driven into the ground to secure cross ties, a much safer practice with fewer fatalities.


Franklin assisted with population control on other fronts as well. The Franklin stove was an invention that warmed the domiciles of those who had not yet lost them to lightning rods. Franklin stoves were purpose-designed to fill rooms with smoke and ignite housing that had thus far escaped the onslaught of Franklin inventions.


History books leave you with the impression our Founding Fathers were incapable of certain gaseous eruptions emanating from the rear chassis area.

Ben Franklin knew better. He sat among the Founders day after day. He watched them figure out a way to gain independence from a tyrannical King. He observed his fellows as they designed a system to trick us into believing “we the people” are in control. And yes, Benjamin Franklin smelled his co-workers as they developed our own, home-grown, American version of tyranny.

Accordingly, Franklin submitted blueprints for the building of a legislative statehouse including a system of pipes running to the bottom of each lawmaker’s chair. The other end was ducted into a fireplace chimney. His design allowed for the updraft to suck away doo-doo smells as American politicians performed their toxic discharges in the course of a day’s work.

As an added attraction, the collective gases flaming up as they exited the chimney would, especially when lawmakers toiled into the night, serve as a beacon of hope to all Americans.

This odor-free politician plan was rejected on the grounds that, once again, Franklin and fire were uncomfortably intertwined in a way that did not bode well for the structural integrity of the building.

To this day there is still no effective system for the removal of odiferous lawmaker emissions.


Ben Franklin was not asked to write the Constitution because everybody knew he would insert a joke or two nobody would catch until it was too late.

Politicians have always had tin ears, and today’s breed is no different. Our leaders, with their abysmally proscribed sense of humor, are fond of blaming Ben Franklin for originating daylight savings time. While it is true Franklin proposed the practice in a letter, any sane reading of his suggestion to change the clocks twice a year reveals he was j-o-k-i-n-g. It’s easy enough to find the missive on the internet and decide for yourself, but I think you’ll agree it reflects poorly on any political figure who perpetuates the myth.

If only Ben Franklin inventions filled Washington today. Old Ben would have tried to burn them out, or at least shield us from the odor.

With his inventions website, Michael Glen explores the intriguing world of inventors and investigates the secrets of creativity. Sometimes as he writes about famous inventors he gets a wild hair and writes a corresponding spoof like the one you just read. He is invariably apologetic to a fault.

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The Ben Franklin Bridge
ben franklin
Image by D2 Photography
You must see this large.
It paid off being a passenger in a car while taking this shot. going over 60 m.p.h.
I knew I had to go on the highway that day, so i was like hmmm i might as well bring my camera with me and see if i could pull off some shots 😉

A return visit: 'Benjamin Franklin' actor will perform tonight at Firehouse
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Ben Franklin and the Albany Plan
Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin put forth his Albany Plan to unify and coordinate the colonies. Although never adopted, the Albany Plan inspired the U.S. Constitution and other attempts to unify America. The millennium old British-French rivalry extended …
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Ben Franklin Plumbing regarding Gatwick airport

It’s for everyone multiple ah. franklin marshall outlet Ling-feng couldn’t help but smile a little. The following day, they clustered in the future mercenary of people, left half. However. Because 72 hours later, it appears you will find a mercenary from the bigger auction, a lot of mercenary groups, and relatively wealthy businessmen, etc., are remained. This may be considered mercenary of all of the city signs it.In every session following the publication from the list,franklin & marshall t-t shirts you will see ammunition, miracle auxiliary materials, mainly to large-scale auction, which attracted a lot of mercenary mercenary of all of the people to reside in, to help promote this city ??development. Ling-feng, Christina, and Ling Ling, although not be attracted within the ranks. Three of these, following the Katrina performance.

Silently left the mercenary capital. Initially, franklin & marshall mitts Ling-feng also ready to accompany Cristina to determine what Qi Shu. However, Christina Qi Shu and Ling-feng knowledgable say, the idea as it were, to stop. For the reason that moment, as well as conscious of Ling-feng, Christina appears to achieve the city for that mercenary’s feelings. Has all of a sudden abandoned exactly the same. For the auction? Temporary. Ling-feng wasn’t interested. A mercenary of, Ling Ling Ling-feng, and sitting on whitened with black back.

And Christina is riding a Xiaoya, Franklin Marshall Women Pants hats fast toward the landmass from the East Off-shore advance. The bloodstream to kill a business actually want to cope with Ling-feng, there’s absolutely no way to intercept it on the highway? Thomas belch in the Kingdom towards the Kingdom as that portion of the road, Ling-feng made a decision to walk, the main one would be to Wan Qi Yao Ming along with other lady to obvious the way in which, we’re not able to allow individuals to Mars belch special attention is centered on them a couple of lady who neglect Ling-feng, right? Next, and to say something, franklin & marshall jackets Ling-feng isn’t scared of any guy to get back. Now in the capital from the Kingdom as mercenaries, apparently overtaken by occasions. Lingfeng Cheng like a saint from the news has spread from the. For eating within the incident were built with a dark loss towards the mercenary trade unions, Ling-feng think they emerged with would be to send some murders to bar seem like nothing, not existence and dying struggle to the stage.

And Christina is riding a Xiaoya, Franklin Marshall Women Pants hats fast toward the landmass from the East Off-shore advance. The bloodstream to kill a business actually want to cope with Ling-feng, there’s absolutely no way to intercept it on the highway? Thomas belch in the Kingdom towards the Kingdom as that portion of the road, Ling-feng made a decision to walk,

Five on Three: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Five on Three: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a full-service, family owned and operated, plumbing company. It offers customers on-time plumbing services, replacements and repairs done right the first time with courtesy, convenience, cleanliness, competence and character.
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Ben Franklin Tech Ventures asks variance approval for build-out
Representatives of Ben Franklin Technology Partners in south Bethlehem went before the Lower Saucon Township Council Wednesday evening asking for a variance on a proposed 15,000 square feet building expansion designed to provide additional office …
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Ben Franklin Transit Will Have Bus Service to Water Follies on Saturday and Sunday
KENNEWICK, WA – Ben Franklin Transit will be running Boat Race Event service on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th. There will be buses to and from the Knight St Transit Center in Richland, the 22nd Ave Transit Center in Pasco, the Huntington …
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Ben Franklin Quote – Failing 100 Ways

Some cool philadelphia images:

Ben Franklin Quote – Failing 100 Ways
Image by trustypics
Here’s a great quote from Benjamin Franklin. I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.

#97 in 113 in 2013

Streets of Philadelphia
Image by Maciek Lulko
Philadelphia PA, USA.

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Philadelphia night skyline
Image by Maciek Lulko
Philadelphia skyline at night.

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Franklin County Visitors Bureau Presents 1864 The Burning On July 18

Chambersburg PA (PRWEB) May 31, 2015

As summer hits its stride, Chambersburg is ready for its annual 1864 commemoration that pays tribute to the strength, faith, and determination of Chambersburg’s resident, who rebuilt the community from the ashes of destruction after the Confederate burning on July 30, 1864. The history reenactment pits Jacob Hoke, an actual merchant on the square of Chambersburg in 1864, against Confederate General “Tiger” John McCausland, who executed the order of his superior General Jubal Early to first ransom and then, if the ransom was not met, burn the town.

1864 is not an ordinary living history event. Staged from the steps of the Franklin County courthouse, the backdrop is truly authentic as today’s courthouse recycles six of the pillars from the 1842 courthouse–the previous courthouse gutted by the Confederate burning. But, most distinctive is the burning–done with lights so realistically, the courthouse and adjoining buildings appear to be afire. As the narration of the story, using original source materials concludes, the town rises from the ashes and is bathed in beautiful lights to signify the rebirth.

Leading up to 1864 The Burning, there are Civil War walking tours, history exhibits, living history vignettes, old-time photos, and book signings. At 7 PM, the musical entertainment is the focus as finalists of the A Capella & Unplugged perform one last time. The winner will be announced just before 1864 The Ransoming, Burning & Rebirth of Chambersburg begins.

1864 is adding more activities for children, including a special vendor Zoo Zoo’s Animaland to let kids of all ages create a furry friend. A special “Franklin County-Ben Bear” will be featured at 1864 and anyone registering at the Franklin County Visitors Bureau booth will be entered to win a free “Ben Bear.” The historic events of 1864 have been made into a video, using footage of the light shows.

This year when 1864 concludes, visitors can continue the celebration with more music, a little art, and some friendly and fun competitions at Illuminate! After Party at the Capitol Theatre, a block north on South Main Street.

Earlier in the day, the annual festival Old Market Day fills the streets of Chambersburg with over 100 stalls–row after row of art and craft vendors displaying one-of-a-kind wares as well as an assortment of festival food. Local merchants will hold sidewalk sales and courthouse plaza will feature a variety of music from classic rock to folk and bluegrass.

Chambersburg remembers the history of July 1864 when Confederates served a ransom demand on Chambersburg. True to history, the demand of $ 100,000 in gold or $ 500,000 in greenbacks will not be paid, and Chambersburg will be burned–with lights.

Keep abreast of last-minute updates by visiting http://www.ExploreFranklinCountyPA.com or like Ben Franklin and the Franklin County Visitors Bureau on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/FCVBen.

The Franklin County Visitors Bureau coordinates 1864 to promote Franklin County. Anyone interested in participating in the events leading up to 1864 The Burning as an author, living history portrayer, musician, or unique period vendor, can contact the Franklin County Visitor Bureau for details at 866.646.8060. No vendor fees are accessed to participate.

The Franklin County Visitors Bureau invites all to explore Franklin County PA and enjoy the trails of history, arts, recreation, natural beauty, fresh foods and the warm hospitality of communities like Chambersburg, Greencastle, Mercersburg, Shippensburg, and Waynesboro. Franklin County PA is located just north of the Mason Dixon Line and is an easy drive to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Discover more….plan a visit soon at ExploreFranklinCountyPA.com or by contacting 866.646.8060.

Pam Stone | Odorous asparagus a problem, even for Ben Franklin

Pam Stone | Odorous asparagus a problem, even for Ben Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was married for 44 years but spent 18 of those apart from his wife, and I will bet you money it had something to do with asparagus. And maybe cabbage. But alas, the Royal Academy, as respected as it was, could not, at that time, come …
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Some days, just have to feel bad for Ben Franklin
You're probably trying to channel Benjamin Franklin, who said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” You're also wrong about what he meant; he was arguing that …
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Kehot Publication Garners Benjamin Franklin Book Award
Daily Wisdom, an anthology of 378 lessons from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, was the gold winner of the prestigious 2015 Benjamin Franklin Award. The Independent Book Publishers Association award is one of the highest …
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Franklin County Visitors Bureau Looks Ahead to 2015

(PRWEB) January 29, 2015

The Franklin County Visitors Bureau is looking ahead at an exciting new year filled with opportunities for all members of the family to explore, learn and discover the county.

It was a big year for Waynesboro and Washington Township, who worked to become an Appalachian Trail Community and was officially designated in April at Renfrew Institute’s Earth Celebration Day. In anticipation of the larger amount of visitors and those passing through, Cobblestone Hotel & Suites opened in Waynesboro.

The 9/11 Tribute was officially dedicated on September 11, 2012 at Red Run Park after years of planning and work by local officials and dignitaries. The artifacts include a 1,088 pound steel I-beam from the World Trade Center, a piece of limestone from the Pentagon and a rock from Shanksville, Pa., where Flight 93 crashed.

Another new addition to Washington Township includes the completion of the Monterey Pass Battlefield Museum, which displays artifacts related to the battle of Monterey Pass and the Pennsylvania Campaign of 1863, and talks about the Civil War in Franklin County.

2014 also marked the 150th anniversary of the Confederate burning of Chambersburg, and the crowds came in the thousands to experience the live re-enactment and light show in the town square. In 2015, the emphasis shifts to the rebirth of Chambersburg with more music, food, and family entertainment leading up to the history commemoration and light show, scheduled for July 18, 2015.

The historic nature of Franklin County will again be highlighted this year as the 250th commemoration of The Black Boys Rebellion will take place at Fort Loudon on September 25, 26, and 27, hosted by the Fort Loudoun Historical Society.

The rebellion began in 1765 when James Smith, led a group of white settlers, against British troops. The men opposed renewed trade relations with Indians due to recent attacks and disrupted British supply shipments to western forts. The men got their name after they were seen dressing as Indians and “blackening” their faces with tar.

The free weekend event will include skirmishes and the firing on the fort by the Black Boys, a confrontation at the Widow Barr’s House and a showing of Allegheny Uprising—the movie inspired by the events at Fort Loudoun.

To celebrate the event, visitors can go on the Conocoheague Uprising Bus Tour guided by Dan Guzy and local historian Calvin Bricker. This one-time guided tour will cover 63 miles in two counties, four townships and the Mercersburg borough with a 20 minute lecture at Fort Loudon State Historic Park. More information and tickets are available at Welsh Barrens Visitor Center.

Chambersburg’s annual IceFest will take center stage this January 29 through February 1 with fun for the whole family. Ice carvings, a double wide slide, chili cook-off and snowfall ball will make downtown Chambersburg the place to be during the winter days.

In April, explore your own path during Spring into History, where visitors can trek back to early settlements, frontier forts, secret hiding places of the Underground Railroad, Civil War sites and hallowed grounds. Explore fire museums and the history of industry in the county during a self-guided tour.

The new year will also be a celebration for many local businesses and places as they celebrate 15, 25, 50, and even 150 years in the county!

The Benjamin Franklin statue, now at home at the Heritage Center, is turning 150 years old this year. Originally made out of wood in 1843 and placed on top of the courthouse. After being destroyed in the 1864 burning, another statue was carved out of pine by Frederick Mayer in 1865 and placed atop the courthouse. In 1991, the statute was repaired, primed and repainted and placed under glass in the courthouse until 2004, when he was moved to the Heritage Center where he is today.

Chambersburg Ballet Company is celebrating its 15th year of performances this year at the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg. It began the season with performances of the “Nutcracker” from Dec. 5 through Dec. 6, and will continue to offer performances for festival-goers at IceFest on Jan. 31. Other ballets this year will include “The Firebird,” “Sanctum” and “Sleeping Beauty” and other dances on June 13 on 2 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Cumberland Valley School of Music will be celebrating 25 years as a performing arts school that teaches all ages. To celebrate, they will be holding A Silver Celebration to celebrate the achievement on Feb 28 at The Orchards.

The Pennsylvania Opry at the Star Theatre in Mercersburg, is celebrating 25 years this year as a place for family entertainment. The event hosts comedy events and musical revues such as country, gospel, patriotic, oldies, cowboy ballads and tribute shows honoring performers like Elvis, Patsy Cline, George Jones and Hank Williams.

Celebrating 50 years of business this year also includes Patriot Federal Credit Union, a tourism supporter that has been active in the community.

These celebrations and much more will be happening in the upcoming year in Franklin County. Your great moments are waiting.

Visit http://www.dodinestayfranklincountypa.com or call 1-866-646-8060 for more information.

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