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The History Of Frederick Street The World Over

Take a number of the world’s cities and you’ll find, more often than not, a handful of them share similar street names. While the intrigue might stop there, some streets in particular have a more colourful history than others; such as the Frederick Streets of Dunedin, Berlin and Edinburgh where war, immigration and the develop of architecture all play a prominent role.


Frederick Street in Berlin, Germany has a particularly important history. Bisected during the Cold War and the location of Checkpoint Charlie (the crossing between East and West Germany), Frederick Street was also the crossing point for trains between the two divisions. At the Frederick Street station, security was very strict and passengers could not cross between the two platforms without documents and papers. Nowadays, Frederick Street is a popular shopping district and has benefited from significant refurbishment since the war.


Thousands of miles beyond Europe, the Fredrick Street of Dunedin in New Zealand has a very unique history indeed. The seventh largest urban area in New Zealand, Dunedin takes its name from the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh. When European settlers arrived in the mid 1800s, the Free Church of Scotland quickly asserted its presence, followed by designs and architecture that attempted to emulate Scotland’s capital. Sitting proudly in the heart of the city, Frederick Street boasts some of the city’s oldest buildings.


With New Zealand settlers taking inspiration from Scotland, it’s no wonder that Edinburgh still retains its own Frederick Street. Built in the early 1800s, Edinburgh’s Frederick Street was part of the city’s ‘New Town’ development which saw a move away from traditional medieval tenement living towards the opulence of Georgian design. Today, an Edinburgh Fredrick Street Hotel will still play host to some of the city’s much talked about glitterati as well as overseas visitors looking for accommodation that’s a cut above.

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Fitness at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond Reveals the Scientific Truth About Weight Loss and Fitness for People Over Age 40

Weston, FL (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

Over 40 no longer means over the hill for a growing number of people who have learned to keep their weight down and their energy levels up as they age.

While 40 may no longer be considered “over the hill” as it was in the past, numerous factors must be considered to keep an aging body functioning in a healthy and more youthful manner.

In Fitness at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond, author Michael Spitzer presents a scientifically based program that can transform the body and achieve 30 lbs of fat loss in 16 weeks.

Not just another typical diet book, Spitzer explains the effects of aging on the body and offers a program for fat loss, better muscle tone, greater flexibility and more energy.

Topics covered include: what to eat; how to exercise; which supplements to take; dealing with joint pain, anxiety, depression, sexual function changes, slowing metabolism, flexibility, lung capacity, bone density, heart health, lower back problems, energy levels and much more.

No hype, no wild claims, no false promises.

Citing medical studies and recent scientific research on the aging process, this book “tells it like it is”. The program described produces impressive body changes in just 4 months.

The 432-page book is illustrated with 260 photographs.

Diagrams, tables, and charts are used to explain meal plans, recipes, and other principles. Every exercise is clearly described with accompanying photos that demonstrate both proper and improper technique. At the end of each chapter, summaries are provided that can be copied and carried for quick, easy reference.

Although written to address the specific issues that concern older individuals, the diet and exercise advice provided is useful for people of all ages. In this regard, the book is being considered by many as the “definitive new book for fitness and weight loss”.

Mr. Spitzer is available for interviews regarding the book as well as society’s changing attitude about the fitness potential of older individuals.

Fitness at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond is available today.

The book can be purchased for $ 17.95 from the book’s website: http://www.highpointproducts.com, as well as Amazon, eBay, and most major book retailers.

Hudgins Says to Sex-Obsessed Social Conservatives at CPAC: Get over it!

Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 11, 2013

CPAC use to be a Big Tent event, allowing various groups to discuss their views. But as Edward Hudgins, Atlas Society director of advocacy, explains in his new commentary, banning GOProud is the latest battle in the civil war within the Republican Party and the conservative movement:

*He points out that allowing gays to form marriage contracts does not limit the liberty of heterosexuals to marry who they want and it is in keeping with the Reagan-Goldwater principles of limited government.

*He observes that leftists love the fact that social conservatives are scaring away potential allies with their gay union stance.

*He maintains that social conservatives are on the losing side of history since one state after another are legalizing gay unions.

*He argues that time, money, and political capital are being wasted on this issue by social conservatives at the expanse the larger fight against the expanded government control over every aspect of our lives.

PearHaven Reports on Feeling Over the Hill vs. Having an Active Life

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 15, 2013

PearHaven, a website for dating ideas and relationship advice, reports on feeling over the hill vs. having an active life. If a partner in a relationship starts to have negative feelings about being old, this attitude can affect the quality of the couple’s relationship. Current scientific research presented by the British Psychological Society, April 12, 2013, “Think you are old and you start to feel frail.” The study was carried out by Krystal Warmoth and colleagues at University of Exeter Medical School.

Ms Warmoth stated: “A person’s beliefs about their self could lead to a loss of interest in participating in social and physical activities, poor health, stigmatisation and reduced quality of life.”

British Psychological Society said the findings in the research suggest ” those who see themselves as being over the hill might give up activities such as physical exercise that would otherwise keep them fit and healthy.”

Couples who maintain a physically active life together may experience more healthy, vibrant years to come. Scientific research from NIH confirms the importance of staying active. National Institutes of Health, November 6, 2012 report, “NIH study finds leisure-time physical activity extends life expectancy as much as 4.5 years.” Even low levels of activity or no matter what the person weighs still extends the life expectancy years.”

PearHaven was developed to inspire and promote couples’ long-term romantic relationships. Striving to help keep couples romantically involved with each other, the website suggests and maps out the best date ideas. The website also offers a fun game-like design called gamification where couples are rewarded achievement badges for their date experiences such as going on dates in different cities or connecting with other couples.

The website fosters strong relationships through the use of technology. PearHaven members share their favorite date ideas, record their memories, post photos and find the best date ideas or relationship advice. PearHaven encourages couples to remember those positive times in a relationship, thus strengthening couples’ relationships.

PearHaven’s free app for the iPhone and iPad offers date ideas on-the-go. Members can also use the app to post their date experiences and photos while they are out and about. PearHaven’s blog features relationship advice, dating ideas and fun trivia.

About PearHaven

PearHaven is not a dating site.

It is a social website with free sign-ups for people of all ages who are dating, engaged, in a long-term relationship or married. Members can record their dating experiences, connect with others, post photos and earn achievement badges for trying the latest date ideas. PearHaven.com suggests the best date ideas and maps the locations, using venue data provided by Foursquare. The website was founded by David Lackey, a student at Princeton University. PearHaven has a free iPhone and iPad App at the iTunes App Store to record date ideas and photos on-the-go.

New England Food Show Hosts Over 350 Exhibitors for the 2014 Event

Portland, Maine (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

The New England Food Show, coming up March 16-18, 2014 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA, will host over 350 exhibitors for the 2014 event. The show is sponsored primarily by the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, and partners with other regional retail, specialty and hospitality groups.

The New England Food Show 2014 exhibitors include food and equipment manufacturers, agents and suppliers, food and equipment distributors, dealers, brokers and traders featuring products for retail food, foodservice, and restaurant buyers in the New England market. The exhibitor list to-date includes the following companies:


2R-Health Inc

85 Beacon Group

AC RadioCom

Acana Northeast inc.

Accardi Foods

Accutech Packaging

Adore Floors

ADT Security Services

Advantage Payroll Services

Advantage Waypoint


Against The Grain Gourmet

Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission


Altro Floors and Walls

American By-Products Co., Inc.

American Express OPEN

American Metalcraft

American Trading Company

Aralia Olive Oils

Arthur J. Kaufman Sales Co

Artisan Square

ASAP Fire & Safety corp.

ASIA etc., LLC

ASK Foods, Inc.

Assured Computing Technologies, Inc

Astar Inc

Atlantic Awning

Atlantic Capes Fisheries Inc..

Atlantic Natural Foods

Atlas Watersystems, Inc

August A Busch & Co.of MA

Australian Beef & Lamb

Auto Fry/Motion Technology

Averill’s Sharper Uniforms

Avery Dennison

Bacall & Conniff, PC – Financial Management & Restaurant Accounting

Bagel Land

Baker Commodities

Bamboo Studio

Bank of America Merchant

Barilla America Inc

Baxter Bakery Products

BelGioioso Cheese Inc

Berkel Equipment

Bermar America Wine Preservation Systems

Black Bear Coatings & Concrete

Blake HIll Preserves

Blount Fine Foods

Blue Elephant

Bluefin Consultants

BoldWood Interiors

Book Ends

Bookbinder Specialties

Boston Gourmet Chefs

Boston Salads & Prepared Foods

Boston Showcase Company

BriCins Inc

Broaster Company (The)

Brownie Brittle by Sheila G

Bugambilia International Inc

Bulldog Packaging

Canada Beef Inc.

Carando Gourmet Foods

CardTronics ATM

Carlisle FoodService Products

Carrier Transicold of Boston

Catania Spagna Corp

CC-Teknologies Inc.

Ceylon Vanilla Company

Champignon North America, Inc.

Chef Works

CHEFfield Presentation

Chef’s Fun Foods

Christy’s Truck Rental


Comcast Business Class

Connecticut gourmet, LLC

Continental Refrigerator

Cool Air Creations, Inc.

Costa Fruit & Produce Co

Cove Risk Services LLC

CR Peterson Associates

Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer & Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc St. Killian Importing

Crescent Duck Farm

Crown Uniform & Linen Service

Current Specialties LLC

Dansko by Alexander’s Uniforms


Dave Swain Associates

Dexter-Russell Inc

Digital Dining

Dimitria Delights Inc.

Dining Alliance

Dining du Jour, LLC

Dining Out with Bruce Newbury

Dominion Liquid Technologies LLC

Donper America

Drew’s, LLC

Drum Rock Products

Dudson USA

Duralex USA

Duro-Last Roofing Inc.


East Coast Fire and Ventilation, Inc.

Eastern Food Service Equipment

Ecolab Inc

Economy Cash Register & POS Systems


Edibles By Jack

El Recreo Estate Coffee

Elite Seating LLC

Eloma Combi Ovens

Emile Henry USA Corp

Emuamericas, LLC


Equipex Ltd

Espresso Plus

Europena Ingredients Inc.

Fagor Commercial

Falvey Linen Supply

Famoso Gourmet Imports, LLc

Fantini Bakery

Fillo Factory

Finger Food Products, Inc.

Flavour Strategy

Flying Food Group

Focus Hospitality Sales LLC

Fontanini Italian Meats and Sausages

Food Warming Equipment Co Inc

Foodservice East

Force 4 Photography, LLC

Fore Green Solutions /Henny Penny of New England

Forrester Flooring

Fortessa Tableware Solutions

Freshly Squeezed

Frione Marketing LLC

Front of the House

Fruit Fly Bar Pro

Galaxy Desserts

Gasket Guy of SE MA


Gelato Giuliana LLC

General Linen Service, Inc.

General Truck Center

George’s Bakery Products Inc

Golden Cannoli Shells Co., Inc.

Gonnella Frozen Products, Inc

Goose Island Beer Company

Gopinion, Inc.

Gosling’s Rum

Gracious Gourmet (The)

Grand Rapids Chair Company

GrandTen Distilling

Griffin Connect/The Griffin Report

Gringo Jack’s

Grosfillex Contract Furniture

Gulf Oil/Gulf Electricity

Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery

Hale and Hearty Soups

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company

Harbar LLC


Harbortouch Atlantic / EAG Payroll

Heartland Payment Systems


Heritage Berkshire

Highland Foods, LLC

Himalayan Salt Co.

Hobart Corporation

Holland Hospitality Group

Hollowick Inc

Hope’s Country Fresh Cookies

Hoshizaki New England Distribution Center, Inc

Humane Society International

Imperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC

Independent Electric Supply


Italimport Inc.

Ivy’s Fine Cakes

Jack’s Custom Woodworking


James Ritteman Cash Registers

Jason Trucks Inc

JBS Imports

Jens & Marie

Jim’s Organic Coffee

JLine, Inc.

JN Kidds Distributor


Jones Dairy Farm

Joseph’s Pasta Co

Kabobs Inc

Kent Precision Foods Group

Kettle Cuisine Inc

Kettler International Inc

Kikkoman Sales USA

Kitchen Magic

Kolo Draft


Koppert Cress USA

La Flor Products Co., Inc.

La Ronga Bakery

Lactalis Culinary

LaMarca and Sons Inc



Libbey Foodservice

Lilly’s Fresh Pasta

LMC Surgibuns

Long Range Systems

Loumidis Foods

M & M Label Co. Inc.

MA Department of Fire Services

Mancini Packing Co.

Mangia, Inc.

Maplebrook Farm

Market Forge Industries Inc

Marsal and Sons Inc

Mass Partnership for Food Safety

Massachusetts Restaurant Assoc

Mauviel USA

MCR Technologies

Mello’s Sausage Company, Inc.

Metromedia Energy Inc

Metropolitan Linen Services

MIC Food

MICROS Systems, Inc.

Midtown Markets

Mike’s Pies

Modern Pest Services

MultiGrains Bakery

Nardi/S.I.T. Inc.

Nationwide Uniform Express, Inc.


NCR Aloha

Nespresso For Business

New Brunswick International Inc

New England Seating

New England Tea & Coffee

Newport Biodiesel

Norex Enterprises, Inc.

North Star Rental Systems

Northeast Laboratory Services

Northeast Stainless, Inc.

NorthStar Insurance Services, Inc.

NuCO2 Inc



OpenTable, Inc.

Oreck Vacuums/Bissell Big Green Commercial

Otto Trading Inc

Outdoor Living Designs

Ovention Ovens

Owens Corning Residential Products of Boston

Paino Organics LLC

Palenquera Exotic Fruit

Park National Bank Funding Solutions

PastryStar/dba Amero Foods

Paul W Marks Company Inc


PC Music

Peavey Electronics

Piantedosi Baking Company Inc

Piper Products

Planet Satellite

Poppi Al’s Inc



Quality Life (The)

QuickLabel Systems

R. Murphy Knives

Rao’s Coffee Roasting Company

Ray’s New York Bagel

RealFood Consulting

Reid Label & Graphics

Renewal by Andersen Boston

Rentokil North America Pest Control

Rescom Exteriors Inc.

Restaurant Depot

Retail Control Solutions

RGB Architects

Rhineland Cutlery

RI Hospitality Association

Richer Pour Wine Company


Robot Coupe – Butkevich Associates

Robot Coupe USA

Rockport Specialty Seafoods

Root! Foods

Rosle USA

Rotella’s Italian Bakery

S & D Coffee / Victor Coffee


Seco Select

Serralles USA

ServSafe/National Restaurant Association

Sheila G /Vintage Italia

Sid Wainer & Son



Silverleaf Resorts


Smart Restaurant Products

Snapchef Culinary Staffing and Training


Somerset Industries Inc

Sonic Drive In


Sparrow Enterprises Ltd

Spence – Wells Associates

Spindrift Beverage Co, LLC

Standley Sales Co.

Stash Tea Company

Steelite International

Sterno Candle Lamp

Stonewall Kitchen, Ltd.


Stuffed Foods LLC.

Summit Spring Water

Sunrise Marketing/epunched

Supreme Corporation Inc

Swing Labels, LLC


Swisher International, Inc.

Sysco Boston LLC

Tablecraft Products

Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PC – Albert A DeNapoli, Esq.

Taylor Freezer Of New England

Tech Logistics

Tech Transport

The Culinary Institute of America

TinderPro Firewood

Toast POS

Tony’s Clam Chowder

Torani/R. Torre & Company

Traditional Breads Inc

TransAct Technologies

Traulsen Refrigeration

TriMark Disposables

TriMark United East

True Food Service Equipment

True Manufacturing

TurningPoint Systems


Ultimate Textile

UMASS Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt Dept

Unicorr Packaging


United Citrus Products

Unity Food Sales

Vermont Soy LLC

Victorinox Swiss Army

Vollrath Company, LLC


Walco Stainless

Wexler Packaging Products

Whit’s Media

Wikki Stix Co.

Wolf Equipment

Write Touch POS – East Commerce Solutions


Zinneken’s Belgian waffles

Industry professionals and buyers wishing to attend can register at http://www.nefs-expo.com, or by calling 508-743-8579. Registrants who belong to state restaurant or specialty associations receive discounted registration.

Companies interested in exhibiting at the 2014 New England Food Show should contact Beth Schultz, sales(at)nefs-expo.com.

About New England Food Show

The New England Food Show is produced by Diversified Communications. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and supported by other New England state restaurant, retail, hospitality and specialty food associations, NEFS is the region’s largest and most attended trade show for retail food and foodservice buyers and professionals. http://www.nefs-expo.com

About Diversified Communications

Diversified Business Communications provides information and market access through magazine publishing, online resources and trade exhibitions on four continents. Diversifieds core markets include the commercial marine, natural and organic, food and seafood industries. In addition, they produce leading events across several markets such as finance, building and construction, healthcare and textiles. http://www.divcom.com

Qualified Media (approval required) interesting in covering the event can register for free at http://www.nefs-expo.com.

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Brief over view of the illuminati please.?

Question by JOE: Brief over view of the illuminati please.?
So in school today the illuminati where mentioned, and I know there brief history, how Galileo founded them, but they weren’t satanic worshipers, and the pentagram and stuff. I just want a brief, educated answer. Please tell me they do not exist, because they do, that’s clear as day. Also maby if possible a little about the free masons, like how George Washington was one. That’s all, thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Creepis Kryp
I live in Philadelphia not too far from Independence Hall, where the

Declaration was written.

Benjamin Franklin was the big boss of the founding fathers. Many political

decisions hinged on “Old Ben” for his Free Mason seniority.

He held no specific political office.

It was a classic example of Libertines seducing Puritans into forming a nation.

@Emilia, don’t get caught up in the hype of minutia. “Like the 20$ bill, fold it up and its the twin towers burning.”

We can sit around folding money pictures all day, until we get it to look

like anything else. That is inconclusive.

Just because Beiber and Minaj wink for a portrait doesn’t mean anything

more. But there are OTHER reasons to believe in illuminati.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Celebrates Over $1.2M in Fundraising for the ‘Light the Night Walk’ Campaign

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2013

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is celebrating the successful culmination of this year’s Light The Night Walk fund raising campaign.

Picture 3,000 walkers headed down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood carrying lighted balloons quite a sight on a Saturday night. That was the scene during one of four Light the Night Walks held to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization dedicated to wiping out blood cancers. The Walks made up the Greater Los Angeles area effort to collect funds for continuing research into more effective therapies and cures, and for support systems that help patients and their families cope during and after treatment.

Held yearly, similar Light The Night Walks take place in communities all around the country. The L.A. area Walks were an enormous success, bringing in over one and a quarter million dollars to date. Fund raising inspired by the Walks will continue through the end of December.

“We are so heartened by the generosity of all involved. The money collected makes a huge difference for those affected by these diseases and keeps us headed toward our ultimate goal a world without cancer,” said LLS Los Angeles Chapter Campaign Director, Nichole Guzman, standing outside of the Sunset Gower studios along the Hollywood route, high-fiving and cheering on walkers.

The four walks, produced for LLS by Sunday Sol Events, were held in Ventura, Hollywood, Santa Clarita, and Woodland Hills. Roughly 6,500 walkers participated. Light The Night Walk events take place in the evening starting around 5:00. As walkers arrive, they check in and receive T-shirts and balloons, and can participate in a formal Remembrance Ceremony and enjoy other activities such as the Kids Zone, food trucks, a Survivor Tent, banner decorating, vendors, music, and more. Once the sun sets, an Opening Ceremony takes place and the walkers take to the streets. All along the pre-planned route, they are energized by DJs, bands, cheerleaders, and supporters, celebrating their spirit and thanking them for their efforts. Walkers carry illuminated balloons in three colors: red for supporters, white for survivors, and gold to honor the memory of someone lost to cancer.

Blood cancers are insidious and there are literally hundreds of distinct types. They are not caused by any lifestyle choice, are unpreventable, and can strike anyone of any age, any race, male and female alike. In the Light the Night Walk campaign, individuals and corporate sponsors join to contribute money, time, and footsteps to raise awareness and dollars toward the fight.

The events bring help and hope to people battling blood cancers and to the families and friends who support them. In the past six decades, the survival rates for many blood cancers have doubled, tripled, or for some types, quadrupled largely due to continuing research made possible by people like those who participate in Light The Night Walk and other campaigns.

“It’s an honor to work with LLS; the mission of this research-based organization is so impactful. Thanks to LLS, people are living longer lives – despite the serious nature of the cause, we try to bring fun and inspiration to the participants and are rewarded to see the results,” says Michelle French, owner of Sunday Sol Events. The company looks forward to working with LLS again next year in both the Orange County and Greater Los Angeles Chapters.

Anyone wishing to make a donation should go to http://www.lightthenight.org/los/ or call 310-342-5841

About the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. The LLS mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life for patients and their families. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and provides free information and support services.

The Greater Los Angeles Chapter is located at 6033 West Century Boulevard, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90045

The Orange County/Inland Empire Chapter is located at 765 The City Drive South Suite 260 Orange, CA 92868

About Sunday Sol Events

Sunday Sol Events is an event planning company specializing in work with non-profit organizations. The company produces all types of events including charity walks, golf tournaments, galas, and auctions, and assists with other facets of production including video creation, auctioneering, and hosting/emcee services. Sunday Sol Events works seamlessly with organizations coordinating and supporting their generous efforts to achieve their mission and goals. Clients include Orange County United Way, Orangewood Childrens Foundation, the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Sunday Sol Events is located in Huntington Beach, CA.

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How can the people gain more control over their lives instead of living a life serving those in “high places”

Question by Source: How can the people gain more control over their lives instead of living a life serving those in “high places”
And if there are any, how come they haven’t been implemented yet?
By the way, this is refering to society as a whole, and not just one individual person or family.

Best answer:

Answer by kyala c
if everyone were all leaders, then this society we all live in will turn to total chaos and anarchy. a leader needs subordinates. subordinates need leader to guide them.

Give your answer to this question below!

Innovative Rental Startup Rentenna now has over 15,000 Apartment Buildings Scored in Philadelphia

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Innovative, data-driven apartment search and ratings site Rentenna has over 15,000 apartment buildings rated and 2,500+ available rental listings live in Philadelphia. Originally based in NYC, the rental scoring start-up has gained increasing momentum from its proprietary apartment-scoring algorithm, sleek interface, unique features and thousands of accurate listings.

Over the last year, Rentenna has been covered in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Curbed, Crains New York, tens of real-estate publications and blogs, and was named to AGBeats “60 Genius Brands to Watch” list.

Renters in Philadelphia can now explore city-specific data such as the “Food Delivery Score” which tells renters how many restaurants will deliver to a specific address, “BlockScore” which details Restaurants, Bars and Crime data on a particular block from Rentenna partner, BlockAvenue.com and “School Score” which displays the quality of the public schools in the area. This is in addition to Rentennas amenity and value scores which compares thousands of historical apartment listings.

According to Rentenna the average rental pricing in Philadelphia for a studio is $ 850, one bedroom $ 1275, two bedrooms $ 1675 and three bedroom apartment rentals is $ 2350. The top 5 most expensive neighborhoods, which should come as no surprise to experienced Philadelphia renters, are Logan Square, University City, Rittenhouse Square, Society Hill and Old City. The most searched neighborhoods on Rentenna are Old City, Rittenhouse Square, Northern Liberties, Morrell Park and University City.

“Listed in Businessweek as one of the best cities for new grads and one of my personal favorite cities, Philadelphia is an important city to our demographic,” explains Co-founder Alicia Schwartz. “As a result, we has been working hard on adding inventory and new compelling data points. We are excited for Rentenna to become the new rental staple for Philadelphia renters.”

About Rentenna

Rentenna is a groundbreaking interactive apartment search and comparison tool that rates rental buildings on a scale of 1-99, helping apartment seekers quickly and efficiently sort through thousands of options to find their ideal rental. Rentennas unique interface delivers an immersive apartment search experience that is equal parts visually stunning and blazing fast and unlike anything else offered on the web.

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