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Home Field Humbling: Toronto FC stunned by New England Revolution

Home Field Humbling: Toronto FC stunned by New England Revolution
For a brief period in Toronto FC's history there was an idea that BMO Field was a sort of fortress, where the club earned the vast majority of its points. It may have been the turf, but at any rate that idea no longer exists. Even in their best season …
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Human Needs, Dirty Deeds
The all too brief era of Bert Berns' career (1960-1967) was a time of great change and upheaval in America. As the civil rights movement … But along with making music and making history, there was also making money. This meant being cozy with the Mob …
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Petit retires 46th straight to set MLB record
SAN FRANCISCO — Andrew Susac's innocent mistake reflected the absence of fuss surrounding Yusmeiro Petit's pursuit of history. After Colorado's Brandon Barnes took a called … Petit, 29, began amassing his record total at the end of a July 22 start …
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Comfortable Canzler looking forward to next year
Come mid-February, Canzler wants to be heading to Clearwater, Fla., as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies organization. Canzler … Once signed by the Phillies and assigned to the IronPigs, he was assured by manager Dave Brundage and hitting coach …
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Whater were some causes AND effects of the Cuban revolution?

Question by Brenda: Whater were some causes AND effects of the Cuban revolution?
I’d also like some information like:
Who were the main leaders?
What were some important events during the revolution?
How was cuban society affected as a whole?

Best answer:

Answer by gatita_63109
On July 26, 1953, a group of approximately one hundred poorly armed guerrillas attacked the Moncada Barracks. Many of them were killed in the battles after the attack. The survivors, among them Fidel Castro Ruz and his brother Raul Castro, were captured shortly afterwards. In a highly political trial, they were sentenced to long prison terms. Castro was sentenced 15 years in the presidio modelo located on Isla de Pinos.

In 1955, due to pressure from civil leaders, the general opposition, and the Jesuits who had helped educate Fidel Castro, and perhaps because he had known the Castro brothers in their youth, Batista freed all political prisoners, including the Moncada attackers. The Castro brothers went into exile in Mexico, where they gathered more exiled Cubans to fight in the Cuban revolution for the overthrow of Batista. During that period, Castro also met the Argentine doctor Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who joined their forces. They were trained by Alberto Bayo, a former military leader of the failed “loyalists” in the Spanish Civil War.

The group training in Mexico under the leadership of Fidel Castro left for Cuba in November 1956, in a small yacht named, “Granma.” They hoped their landing in Eastern Cuba would coincide with planned uprisings in the cities and a general strike, coordinated by the llano wing of the 26th of July Movement. It was their intention to launch an armed offensive and swiftly topple the Batista government.

From 1956 through the middle of 1958, Castro with the aid of the Frank Pais and Ramos Latour, Huber Matos, and many others, staged successful attacks on small Batista garrisons in the Sierra Maestra mountains. Batista forces tried bloody repression to retain control and the cities in Cuba remained under Batista’s control until the end. Che Guevara and Ra�l Castro helped consolidate political control in the mountains through executions of Batista Loyalists and potential rivals to Castro. The irregular poorly armed escopeteros harassed the Batista forces through the foot hills and the plains of Oriente Province; in addition these much maligned forces provided Castro’s main forces with moderate military support, intelligence, and protected supply lines. Thus Castro achieved military control of these mountains.

Within a year after the disintegration of the Batista Army, Castro turned Cuba into a thoroughly militarized state, with the most formidable armed force of any in Latin America. For the first time in Cuban history, compulsory military service was instituted. Now, Cuba has adopted the traditional hierarchical ranking system of conventional armies. The Cuban army differs in no essential respect from the armies of both “capitalist” and “socialist” imperialist powers.

A transcendental landmark during this period was the Agrarian Reform Act, passed on May 17. This would definitely eliminate large estates through the nationalization of all properties over 420 ha and granted the ownership over the land to thousands of peasants who had been sharecroppers or leaseholders.

A few months after, this measure would be followed by the decision to nationalize all the companies of the Cuban bourgeoisie that had finally sided with the US and with the sectors of the oligarchy and had also helped systematically to all actions aimed at economic sabotage and decapitalization.
In other words the US enforced a boycott against Cuba, however, many Cubans escaped Catro’s tyranny and emigrated to the US.


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Help about the industrial revolution, please?

Question by Alex: Help about the industrial revolution, please?
I’m not sure how to answer this because I’m not sure what my teacher is asking:
“The Industrial Boom of the early 1900’s and the factors of the fall”
by fall does he mean the depression?
PLEASE help….

Best answer:

Answer by YAddictAnon
Since the Crash was 1929, yes, I believe that would be the fall. And I expect tat the industrial boom of the early 1900’s was probably fueled by WWI.

Probably Google will help you on this.

ndustrial Revolution
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1 The Mexican Revolution Export Boom: Characteristics and …
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Q&A: List five major changes that occured in human life as a result of the neolithic revolution?

Question by Chrsitina: List five major changes that occured in human life as a result of the neolithic revolution?
Best answer gest 10 points!!!

Best answer:

Answer by owen m
why cant you just type it into google? you’ll get the answer in 10 seconds rather than one hour.

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